Bed Bugs: Watch out For Symptoms

The tiny little weasels don’t let you sleep at night; they are going to crawl into your sheets and turn your bed into an uncomfortable adventure. Though it is not difficult to identify these insects but at times bed bugs can be very tricky. The easiest way of getting rid of bed bugs is to spray insecticides regularly.

Symptoms Of Bed Bugs

Bed bug symptoms are hard to find but if you pay attention to your body then you will identify their presence with great ease. Your body starts to itch even after you have been bathing regularly.

Bed bug need to be attended with immediate action because with time it becomes difficult to remove them. Though bed bugs are not harmful for human body but itching is. Itching can lead to reddening of body and can also damage the smoothness of the skin.
Symptoms to look for:

Red swollen marks on your body parts
Grouped red marks on your body parts. Bed bugs generally bite in a linear line, which looks very intriguing.
Blisters at the site of bite. With time these blisters turn pure red and can also lead to wounds if not dressed properly.
Generally occurs on the back of the body
Thighs are also highly prone to beds bug bites

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to discover the presence of bed bugs until and unless they start to bite. You will have to be very attentive towards your body; it is your body that will signalize you about the presence of bed bugs. Look for bites, every time your body starts to itch. If you discover red swollen marks in a linear pattern then make sure to see a doctor at the earliest and get yourself an ointment. Once you have acquired the requisite treatment, it is time for you to eliminate those bed bugs. Washing sheets is a good alternative but if the bugs have travelled into mattresses then you will have to bring spray into use.


Sprays are the best available treatment for bed bugs, but be very particular with the spray. Get yourself a mild, insecticide and spray it strategically. Do not overdose your bed with it as it might affect your skin. If you want to know more about bed bugs and symptoms of bedbugs , then visit Helpful For Homes.


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